How to Make a Shoe Rack Of Pipes

Shoes need an interesting place to look attractive in your home. Actually, a lot of store or mall that sells a shoe rack. But there is no harm if we want to make it yourself with the materials that is easy to get on around you.

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Shoe Rack From Pipes

Well, this time we want to ask you to make a little creative things and also saving your money by making a shoe rack by your self from plastic pipe.

The trick is very simple, you just need a pipe several meters, measurement or other tools that you can use to measure the length of the pipe to be cut to put your shoe into it and saw to cut the pipe.

Now get the length of your shoes, then measuring pipe and cut according to the length of your shoe or a little longer as well be. Cut some pipe in accordance with a lot of shoes in your house.

Once you cut, you can also color the pieces of the pipe with paint according to what you want, either one color or multi colors according to your artistic tastes.

After that, stacking the pieces of the pipeline in such a way as you want, and do not forget to attach each piece of the pipe with glue.