How to Dispose Of Construction Waste Safely?

Whether building skyscrapers, renovating an existing structure, or paving roads, you must be prepared to deal with waste. According to the EPA, construction activities across the United States generated nearly 600 million tons of trash in 2018, which is twice as much solid waste generated by municipalities. While construction creates vast amounts of debris, a lot ends up in landfills causing irreparable damage to the environment and our general well-being. At M&M Waste, we believe in safe and efficient construction waste disposal and should be part of every project from planning to completion. If you have an upcoming construction project, we are your go-to service provider for dumpster rental in Dunwoody.

Most people envision construction waste disposal as a dumpster full of debris and other materials waiting to be hauled to a landfill. However, it depends on the type of waste and the extent to which it can be recycled and reused. Before acquiring a Dumpster Rental in Dunwoody, here are some ways to safely dispose of construction waste.

Building Material Waste Disposal

Building Material Waste Disposal
Building Material Waste Disposal

In most situations, building waste can avoid disposed of by being reused. Reusing or recycling construction material is excellent for the environment as it reduces the amount heading to landfills and saves on disposal costs. Even with unusable materials, if they are in good condition, they can be used in a later project rather than purchasing more products. This means your next project will be less expensive because you’ll have leftover paint, nails, and wood, among many others. Steel and metals can be molten and reformed, while concrete can be crashed for future use. Materials that can’t be reused and aren’t in good condition can be placed in a dumpster rental, and we’ll haul them to a recycling facility or landfill.

Demolition Waste Disposal

Demolition and building materials are similar in that they can be recycled. However, you need to seek through the debris to allow for recycling, which is time-consuming. Safely sorting through the debris might waste time, but it is safer for the environment than hauling it to a waste facility unsorted. Since demolition waste can contain hazardous material, it is vital to follow laws and regulations in your jurisdiction when handling and disposing of waste. It is advisable to onboard a reputable Dumpster rental service in Marietta to avoid legal infringements and penalties.

Hazardous Construction Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste requires careful handling, storage, and disposal, whether dealing with asbestos-ridden materials or a can of paint. This goes a long way in guaranteeing the safety of your crew and the environment. If you intend to dispose of hazardous waste, the processes vary depending on the type of materials; hence the need for a trusted dumpster rental in Marietta to ensure you don’t violate local legislation.

Make your construction project safe and efficient with a dumpster rental unit suited for the type of waste you handle. Contact us at M&M Waste and schedule a consultation with our representative to learn more about construction waste disposal. We provide quality dumpster rental in Marietta at competitive market rates.

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