Enhance Living Room Decoration With Abstract Tree Painting Quad

How To Design to Enhance Your Living Room

Besides building houses, the living room is also a mirror face, style and character of the occupants of the house. The living room is the heart of a house where you decorate and try to give touches of warmth, a description of your welcome to the guests, friends, and family so valuable to you.

Because the first impression at first sight to be the basic concept of the arrangement of living room, the room must be arranged in a neat, clean, and tastefully designed living room that can not simply follow trends.Limited land and changes in lifestyle, where residents are rarely at home and choose to entertain guests in a public place, make the function room began to shift.

The living room was incorporated into the family room, with a fixed function as a reception room of the family relatives or close friends. However, the existence of proper reception equipment is provided and arranged beautifully.

Design - living room
Design – living room

There are some things that should be considered in arranging the living room, for room look pretty and charming. Choosing colors, furniture, accessories supporters, modification and optimization of the walls, doors and windows, the necessity of limiting the space, and lighting system is an important thing to consider.

In the color selection you need to consider carefully. Because the choice and mix of shades of color will bring the atmosphere of the living room which is different. Choice of bright shades (yellow, orange, red) make living room feel festive, warm and friendly describe the personal qualities of the household a happy, warm, and respected.

Enhance Your Living Room: 21+ Ideas

Soft shades (green, blue, purple) and create a conversation in the living room was calm, cool, intimate, or romantic describe a quiet private home dwellers. Shades of earth that was a trend (brown soil, red brick / terracotta, blue water, green leaf, gray sand / coral / stones) will bring guests were in the midst of nature.

elegant - living room design
elegant – living room design

Selection of living room furniture must also consider the concept of home building architecture, spacious guest rooms are available, and single or multi-purpose function room. Select furniture that is necessary only for the room feel spacious and airy. Furnishings such as curtains, rugs, pillowcases, tablecloths, paintings, picture frames, knick-knacks and other personal collections is a complement to the living room that can change according to trends or tastes of the household. Placement of furniture should also be precise so as not to disrupt the flow of guest traffic or people passing through the space.

casual - living room design
casual – living room design

The walls of the living room can also be modified to reinforce the impression of the living room. Doors and windows also affect a narrow or wide living room. Whether or not limiting the living room with family room or other space is highly dependent on space. Lighting systems also need attention. The living room will be more natural feel and live with the presence of the plant pots and if possible a mini pond or aquarium beautiful. The laying and selection of plant species adapted to the theme and concept of the room. Plants that are used to form the crown of a flowering plant with uniform color and not colorful, beautiful leafy, leaves and twigs aren’t dense, and not many species. Beautiful flower pot on the table can be a beautiful accent the living room.

red and white furniture - living room
red and white furniture – living room
black and brown - living room design
black and brown – living room design

Here is the design of IKEA for the living room of this year, you may get bored with the monotony of living space, with room designs below can hopefully get you inspired in arranging the living room.

comfortable - living room design
comfortable – living room design
simple - living room design
simple – living room design
plants in pots - living room design
plants in pots – living room design

Comfortable living space will make the guests and family who come to your home will be more memorable. So, not only beautify the living room of your home more beautiful, but the heart and soul of you as the owner of the house became more beautiful as well.

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