How to design Modern stair

To build a modern stair does take a lot of criteria, particularly in terms of the existing architecture of the house. In order to view from the stair will be able to give the feel of a match, must be adapted to the material used. Some stair with a modern design that is usually made from several material options, such as wood, iron, stainless steel, and some special materials. As for the design to be developed, of course, must be determined in accordance with the layout of the house.

artistic stair

best stair design

modern stair

stair model

The size of a stair should be able to provide an overall beauty, both of design, color, model, and function. Not many understand the architecture of these factors, so they tend to build a stair without giving the desired results. To avoid this, of course, we should be able to find some references that might be one of the inspirations for you.

unique stair

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