How to Create a Rustic and Cozy Bedroom Look

Rustic refers to bringing a touch of the countryside/rural into your contemporary home. It is the combination of the refined and the rugged. Fortunately, the exercise is an affordable one. To illustrate, you may opt for laminate flooring. Similarly, there are other inexpensive choices.

Duplicating a Farmhouse

The feel of resting in a farmhouse in the wide-open spaces, can be very soothing! For instance, the walls could use a coating of limewash. If you are going to add wood panels, have them painted in subtle tones to complement the room’s furniture. Similarly, you may have wooden beams fixed onto the ceiling. However, do not engage in beam crowding, but leave gaps.
Would you like plenty of wood, to attain that old-world feeling? Well, then, you might try a polished, wooden floor. You might also purchase some/all of these – wooden dressers, handmade floral quilts, mismatched wooden side tables, antique mirrors, colorful throw rugs, and quirky-looking chandeliers. As for the bed, it could be of wrought iron, or a bed with headboards of distressed wood.

Duplicating a Log Cabin

A fireplace is not essential, but if there, it can make your bedroom feel very traditional. If you possess some wood yourself, use it to create a bohemian-looking skirting, or for paneling the walls. Another idea is to use wooden slats/stone for giving the accent wall a paneled/stony appearance. You should find accents at flea markets or old furniture depots.
The ceiling may have rafters on them, matching the wooden headboard of your bed. Other additions to the room, include woven floor rugs, faux antlers, wrought iron chandelier, old-style water pitchers, and wooden chests.

Rustc Bedroom Ideas

You may use the following raw materials to make your bedroom look calm, laid-back, and grounded.

Miscellaneous Tips


Wood comes into play for creating panels, fireplaces, beams, rafters, cabinets, chests, headboards, faux antlers, etc. Use it wisely, though, without inducing claustrophobia.


The colors should complement one another, while using floor rugs, quilts, upholstery, throw cushions, throw pillows, etc. It would be good to go in for hand-made products, rather than machine-made goods. Similarly, choose geometric and floral patterns, which incline heavily neither towards the feminine nor towards the masculine.


The tones are generally inclined towards the neutral. They are natural and deep. For instance, all shades of brown, green, gray, and the colors of fall season, are deemed as rustic. It is why wooden things are stated to have warm and earthy colors.
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You may use light and soft hues for coloring the windows and bedding. Regardless, you might experiment with the dramatic/dark colors, too. You might use darker patches of color on the cushions, bedspread, or upholstery. For the curtains, try a combination of white and gauzy.


Choose good-looking tapestries, faux antlers, and monochromatic picture frames. Antique mirrors and copper plates add that extra flavor to the bedroom décor. The miscellaneous items might comprise of classic water pitchers, colorful balls of knitting wool nestling within a shallow basket, log baskets, wall art, etc.

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