How to Arrange Small Pantry Design for Make Smart Organizations

The pantry is a special area for storing food ingredients and cooking equipment. A pantry can be in the form of a small room, shelf, or cupboard and generally, the pantry is also equipped with a microwave, coffee maker, small table, to a bar stool. Pantry is present as a support for a modern lifestyle as well as a complement to an interior that can give a warm impression to a residence. Its existence can add aesthetic value to today’s dwellings.

How To Arrange Small Pantry Design For Make Smart Organizations
How To Arrange Small Pantry Design For Make Smart Organizations

The neatly and well-arranged ingredients of the Pantry are a sight that almost any housewife wants. But if lately you often find it difficult to find one ingredient in your pantry, that’s a sign that your pantry is in a mess.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to organize and tidy up the pantry to make it more comfortable to use. In addition to making it easier for you to find items you want to use for cooking, an organized pantry is much healthier. Let’s take a look at our tips below.

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The first step to take when resetting the pantry is to get everything out. Get rid of ingredients that are not used or have expired. Then you can start arranging, combining, and dividing several levels or spaces for several types of ingredients.

Pantry Storage Ideas
Pantry Storage Ideas

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For example canned food, herbs, snacks, sauces, and others. Store them in storage containers and place them according to their function. Not only does it look tidier, arranging ingredients according to the type will make it easier for you when you want to use it when cooking. In addition, categorizing items according to their function and type can help save space in your pantry, because the items are neatly and orderly.

You can use a container box to store snacks or a shelf to store food ingredients. Put the spices in one basket, and also transfer the ingredients that you often and use for cooking, such as flour, sugar, rice, brown sugar, pasta, and so on into a glass or transparent jar with a lid, and place it. on the middle shelf for easy access. Don’t forget to put some breakfast cereal in an airtight container.

Smart Organization For Small Pantry
Smart Organization For Small Pantry

Apart from that, giving labels also makes it practical. Don’t forget to make a note of the expiration date of each ingredient, just stick it on the lid of the jar and always update it every time you fill it.

So, those are some tips from us. Good luck and hopefully inspire.

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