Hot Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

Narrowing down paint color ideas can be tricky. After all, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from — and that’s just if you decide to stick to one particular brand. At times, it can seem impossible to finally land on your perfect shade.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of this season’s hottest shades. While you might not have considered these hues before, those in the know cannot get enough of these points on the color spectrum.

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For those in need of a little help from the professionals, take a look at these five paint color ideas. Use this post as a resource guide, and you’ll end up with a space that looks equal parts modern and sophisticated.

Go With Grecian Blues
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These days, both professional designers and designers-at-heart are flocking to use Grecian blues in their work. In fact, Benjamin Moore ranked the color family as one of the color trends in 2015. It’s easy to see why, since these shades conjure up images of blissful vacations spent by the sea.

This type of blue also has the added bonus of being a cool, calming color while still making an impact. The key is how much or how little you use in your space. If you want to feel as though you’ve truly transported yourself to the Mediterranean, go ahead and paint all the walls. Otherwise, consider adding a nod to the style by simply painting your kitchen cabinets or a piece of furniture.

Embrace Neutral Grays
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As you may know, gray is the hot neutral of this season. By appearing less harsh and stark than the black and white on either end of its color spectrum, gray lends a subtler feel to your space. The end result is a design that feels more welcoming, yet still appears chic.

When dealing with gray, it’s important to consider how the hue will affect the feel of the space. Lighter shades will give off a warmer feel, so those should be integrated into spaces such as bedrooms or living areas. Darker grays will give off more visual impact, so choose those for the rooms of your home that you really want to make a showpiece.

3. Cozy Up to Corals

Pink isn’t just for kids anymore. While it may sound strange, corals are this season’s answer to pastels — and we couldn’t be more excited to see this mature and refined take on rosy hues finally get its due recognition.
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Since the coral paint that you choose will already be making a statement in the space, it needs to be balanced by the design elements that surround it. Choose a color palette that includes plenty of neutral shades to keep your eyes from getting overwhelmed, or use coral on an accent wall to liven up any space in need of a pop of color.

4. Give Olive a Chance

For a nearly neutral shade that offers a bit more personality than the rest, olive is your pick. It offers a middle ground between the super-trendy mint shades and the bold hunter greens. This shade will provide a nurturing feel to the space that is unobtrusive but still adds to the overall design.
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Olive’s connection to nature is undeniable, so make sure to play it up in your design. Use it in a space that will include natural elements such as wood or stone and that will have plenty of natural light. This shade is also useful for areas that act as transitions between the interior and exterior of your home. Consider it for a mudroom or kitchen that offers passage to an outdoor deck.

Pump Up the Plum
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It goes without saying that purple — plum, in particular — is a natural fit for those looking to bring a lavish touch into their homes. With longstanding connotations to royalty and wealth, it’s the perfect shade to give your home an upscale feel at a relatively low cost.

With plum, the room you choose matters most. Focus on spaces that you want to have a regal feel, such as dining rooms or formal living rooms. However, the size of the space also is important to consider. Since it’s such a strong choice, you’ll want to use it in a smaller room where the color won’t seem as overwhelming.
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These are five colors that are currently dominating the interior design landscape right now. Consider incorporating some of these shades into your next project. Whether you use them in your walls, furniture, or accent pieces, you’ll be able to give the spaces in your room a modern touch while still leaving them feeling sophisticated.