Home design with minimalist and modern stair

The combination for every home interior, particularly the luxury home it should be acutely aware of. One of the design are the benchmark luxury of a home is the function and design of a stair. You can choose several design and shape of the stair you want to use in a home interior. The function of the design will be used to display the home becomes more attractive, artistic, and modern. With the stair design is quite modern, the house will certainly look more elegant, both interior and exterior.

best stair design1

modern stair1

natural stair

Meanwhile, to give the impression of luxury, you can choose a material that can be used for the stair base material, such as metal, wood, or other materials if only powerful if used for stair. With the stair function is so complex, is certainly its own advantages, especially if you want to get a draw.

top modern stair

wooden stair


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