Eyecatching Sofa Bed

Bedding sofa is combinable with its mattress and this conversion. Each component are can be used as sofa and bed, even the conversion from sofa to bed are easy to used and to decor. This arm chair used wood and also foam and you just combine its.


This exquisite design was conceived to bring you closer to friends and relatives. Anytime a quest drops by, you can transform this sofa into a bed and invite people to rest comfortably. Or you can indulge in a little thing called luxury by turning the sofa into an elegant chaise lounge. Any of these will brighten and liven up the place. Matching pillows make the new sofa not only comfy and inviting but also classic and fun. Think outside of your home: you can bring this beauty into your office and enjoy its cheerful presence while working or have a quick break to put order into your thoughts. Take advantage of space and color to turn your house into an elegant and playful home.





This sofa bed provided in 200 variant of clothes that you can use and choose as you want. It’s comfortable for your family.

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