25 Superb and Eye-catching Vintage Chairs for Your Home

A patchwork chair is very slick. This chair was made by Kelly Swallow. Modern vintage patchwork chair is fun right to see and be even greater joy to own.

The chair is made with fabrics from various designers such as Guild, Kenzo, Zoffany, Carlucci and Harlequin to name a few, provide a very unique vibration seat for it.

There are several types of motifs that were created. One is a sport seats created by rugby player’s jerseys. This chair store memories and fantastic colorful and fun.

All seats he could tailor made ​​to ensure each has its own specific charm and personality. If you are looking for a piece of statement, this may be the best option that also allows for your self-expression.

Viewed alone is fun especially if possessed. Visit Kelly’s website to see more Swallow.

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