20+ Gregorius and Awesome Exotic Forest Home with Arches Abstract

Want to make your home unique and natural materials? Perhaps these images can add to your inspiration. This is a house built in the woods, then called the forest home. Owned a music lover, so that its shape much of the flow inspired of  music. This house is uniquely designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz in the forest from Portland, Oregon.

A house with a very unique shape and curved, reminiscent of a tree house because the main level in the tree canopy. The house is very suitable to the environment because most are made from natural materials. It is difficult to understand the smooth interior through the exterior appearance. Examples are natural wood ceiling that floats on curving laminated wood through a glass wall that wraps generously around the main room.

Wood dominates both the interior, exterior, and furniture selected. Entrance with a round shape, makes us imagine the entry into the cochlea. The selected tile was like stone which made the atmosphere was cool. No doubt if this house has a modern impression, cool, unique and exotic. So to get a house a modern, luxurious and unique not necessarily with artificial materials, natural materials can provide proof of stunning results if processed properly.

20+ Superb Exotic Forest Home


Hopefully these pictures can add a reference to your residential plans.

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