Creating minimalist Gazebo for the garden

As a complement to a garden, gazebo function is quite important. With a shape that is quite unique, a designer can utilize their creativity in creating a gazebo that attracts many people. Actually the combination on a gazebo does not need a lot of accessories, so it’s very easy to be used as an exterior design that is quite good.

main gazebo in the garden

Wood raw material that has been crushed, you can make many types of gazebos, both in terms of size, shape, color, gazebo profiles, and much more uniqueness that can be presented.

minimalist gazebo design

natural gazebo design in garden

For outdoor use such as garden, then choose the material or have the best quality wood, which is resistant to all weather conditions, both hot and cold. But the form also must be considered so that later can give the impression of an eccentric in the house.

wooden gazebo design

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