How to Clean bed Cover for Home

Wash the bed cover was not as washing clothes in general. The material is thick, heavy and make you need the extra time and effort to clean it. When washing, avoid temperatures that are too hot for washing and clean bed cover, because it can damage the fiber that is in the bed cover. In addition, use detergent that does not contain too many chemicals . Dissolve first detergent in the water, then mixed with a bed cover in the washing machine.

Modern bed cover motif
Bed cover for bedroom interior

Also avoid using detergent in an amount that is too much, because it can make you feel stiff bed cover. To be cleaner, add a solution of white vinegar during the rinse want a bed cover. That should be avoided when you want to wash the bed cover is the use of bleach. Bleach is not highly recommended because it can discolor the color of your bedcovers. In addition, add a quarter cup of lemon juice to brighten the color of your wallpaper.

Nice design for bed cover.
Best design for bed cover

At the time want to dry, avoid drying in direct sun. And make sure your bedcovers completely dry. In order bedcover always neat, make sure you put them together with matching pillowcase. Hopefully, with this tips and trick how to clean the bedcover properly, you can keep you bedroom interior comfort.

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