Choosing a flower Vase for Home and Interiors

Decorating the house is so many kinds, depending on the location where the decorations will be placed. Flower vase is one type of complementary interior room and the most commonly used. In addition because of its small and simple, the function of the flower vase can provide many advantages if we are able to find the right type of vase.

design floral minimalist

For small vase, usually placed all subjects where there is a simple table to put a variety of accessories, such as flower vases, photo frames, or as a make-up. Each type of flower vases are also quite diverse species, from the unique flower vase, simple, modern, or by forms that can be selected.

flora vases design


simple vases floral design

As for large vases placed all subjects are usually quite large, such as a living room, family room, and outside the home. Average vase of this type used only as a complement to the interior without any interest in it, and tend to prefer the existing pattern on the vase.

various floral design

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