Choosing a design for a Bicycle garage

For those of you who have a hobby of cycling, of course, has an extensive collection of high quality bike, is not it? How do I save the good and true? Of course, it takes a special place for this purpose. In order for the condition of the bike that you have properly maintained, required a special garage that is only used to store the bike, and not mixed with others.

Modern garage for bicycle
Best bicycle garage

Storage area for bikes it depends on how many bikes you have, so here you can determine the area required for that purpose. But the most is to make bicycles in a single room, or closest to the car garage.

Bicycle garage design
Best design for interior garage

In order for the process of maintenance and repair bikes are not too hard to do, then in the garage should also be available space is used to store equipment that is frequently used to repair or replace parts of the bike .

Modern garage for bicycle
Large interior for garage