Build the best Concept for gardening Plants

To create an atmosphere of green around your home, then a lot of things that can be used as an alternative to achieve that goal. One simple way is to utilize the vacant land to be used as a garden at home, of course with a variety of useful plants.

Choose the best plants for garden
How to optimize your gardening

But before starting to build the park, you should first determine the type of crops to be grown, whether including fruits, flowers, or herbs. All these plants are very good to make your home more green and beautiful remains.

Garden for simple home
Home with simple gardening
Best home design gardening
Good modern design gardening

Land area may be one very important consideration for the park that you create can function optimally, especially for greening homes. But if it turns out the condition of the land is very limited, so you can optimize the way of utilizing the existing land and also choose the type of plants that are suitable for the narrow land.


Gardening model with minimalist
Minimalist gardening model