Blue And White Ceramic Tiles

Make your kitchen more attractive by using this mosaic. Predominantly blue and white color makes the atmosphere calmer.


Dutch Delftware is beautiful blue and white pottery and it inspired Sara Baldwin from New Ravenna Mosaics for creation of the Delft Collection.

He has created five new mosaic depicting flowers, French 17th century Chinoiserie, and the classic Roman pineapple design border. The color combination is very popular throughout Europe and also in the East, so that everyone will see something interesting that collection.

Beautiful mosaic tiles are great for any modern kitchen or bathroom and are available in glass or natural stone gems. In the glass it is suitable for the installation of interior vertical. In stone, mosaics can be installed indoors or out on the second floor and the wall.

Acanthus kitchen backsplash

Blue And White Ceramic Tiles Photos 3

Blue And White Ceramic Tiles Photos 4

Chinoiserie jewel glass mosaic

Aurelia jewel glass mosaic

Good, isn’t it?

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