Black and White Interior Design Tips in 2016

The combination of black and white color at home has became a trend this year. Both monochrome contrasting color is often categorized as elegant, natural, and modern colors.

When both are combined, can produce exceptional aesthetics. For the bedroom, for example. The combination of black and white are enough to be able to change the atmosphere in the bedroom. Want to try? Here are some ideas that can inspire you!

black and white interior design
Natural – Modern Bedroom. Although black and white color look monotonous, but there are some easy ways to get rid of the boring atmosphere. With a touch of nature in the form of stone or wood in the room.

With few natural elements, not only make the rooms more cozy, but it will also display the expression away from boredom.

Black and White Wallpaper. Stripes or unique pattern of wallpaper can add dramatic effects and crowded dwelling. If you have room wall which is too high, you can apply the wallpaper.

Do not forget, if using wallpaper as a point of interest in the room, then do not use a pattern and decorative pattern too much on the other. It’s enough to highlight only one or two elements.

White Casual Bedroom. Getting relax with the white color? Naturally, because of the white color in addition to the impressive cleanliness, also can create a sense of calm, comfortable, and relief for the residents.

To be more sweet, add a contrasting color accents on some furniture such as cabinets, linen fabric, carpet, or additional accessories like a painting.

Brown and Contrast. Who said brown color and the wood can’t be combined with black and white? Although using three colors, this bedroom does not seem too crowded or collide with each other.

Instead, it uses a neutral color such as black or white, the color of brown to look more alive. Do not forget, for the white walls that are too wide, try accenting stand out as the bed headboard or high enough wardrobe with colors not matching.

Bold and Passionate. Red color symbolizes courage and spirit. Besides classy, ​​there are some things you should consider when you want to mix between red with black-and-white.

To create the impression of a minimalist, first paint your walls with black or white. Then, if you choose white color for interior walls, use the opposite color: black for accessories such as curtains and other furniture.

Dab some bright colors, such as red, at some point only. Avoid excessive add patterns or designs on the walls. Maintain your room as simple as possible but it is interesting to look at.