Best for Natural green house Concept

Having a house that uses the concept of green house may still be very rare to come across, especially if the house is using the design as shown in the figure below. There are several views, the house where the roof using grass as one of the exterior decoration is quite nice.

Green house design for natural concept
Best modern green house

However, on some models, the concept of home such as this should be through a calculation that cerma Agat bus green house concept really achieved, especially if the house will not fit and less attractive place to stay. As for home design, basically the same as some other houses concept.

Choose the best green house concept
Simple design for green house
How to choose green house outdoor
Modern green house design

The use of the roof of the house by way of installing grass does look unique, but that’s reality, where the model of the house as this will provide many benefits to the home owners, especially those who love the environment.