Beautify your Home with White

White interiors and decor have long been associated with formality and immaculate surroundings. In home design, the front formal room that special guests sat in seemed to be the one room that no one was aloud in! Today, white has taken on a new look, from casual interiors to soft fabrics, tones of white are gorgeous and are for everyday living. By adding pops of color to white, or adding dark, rich colors, white seems to have taken on a new personal in modern home decor.



Having white as the theme for your furniture or interior is extremely trendy, as you can see from flipping through interior design magazines. White furniture against white background will give you the sensation of a very modern contemporary empty room, making the room appear bigger than it really is. White is also very versatile. Depending on how you accessorizes the rest of your room, you can create a minimalist, romantic, classic or even dramatic feel. For example, black and white photographs would add a touch of timeless romanticism to the space. Bring in a red bowl and watch how it attracts attention and changes the mood of the entire interior design. Go natural! By incorporating wood, wicker or bamboo, you can take the edge off the starkness and create a beautiful natural look while still maintaining the peaceful and bright overall effect of a modern contemporary white theme.



Play around with texture to add depth to the whiteness. Aim for a nice contrast between some smooth and glossy surfaces, and some furry, fluffy or soft textures. From lacy white curtains on the windows, to fluffy white cushions on the sofa and furry white rugs to rest your feet-isn’t that the kind of interior design that makes you feel like spending lazy weekends at home?

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