Beautiful interior of the home using Stone

With a display that looks and natural stout, a stone house with the concept seems to have become a very common thing for some home design. Besides looks comfortable, home conditions are also cool. This is usually because the situation is quite beautiful interiors and interesting to try in your home.

Best stone detail for wall
Wall interior using stone

I’m sure the stone used can be found with ease, both in stores selling decorative accessories, or some shops selling building materials. You simply select the type of stone to be used, and the importance of the fit with the condition of the house.

Interior with stone design
Modern design for wall
Interior design using stone
Design for wall interior

Typically, the wall that often uses stone is the living room which is built with a unique model. There are several models like this wall, both of which have a modern and unique concept. You can specify the size of the wall to be used.

Best design for artistic model
Good and artistic design