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Indeed feel very comfortable if we could have a house in the mountains, next to the condition that the air is still clean, the atmosphere is usually still natural environment, healthy, and quiet. Form of architecture and design at below of this can be an inspiration for you if you want to have a house in the mountains. Equipped with a private swimming pool, a more complete feel for you. but some things you should note the location for the selection of which is, do not choose a location that is too close to the edge, because they are afraid could harm us, especially if the rains come.

mountain 1

mountain 2

mountain 3

mountain 4

mountain 5

mountain 6

mountain 7

mountain 8

mountain 9

mountain 10

Besides the design of architecture you need to note, the selection of materials is also important, because the design usually always refer to the atmosphere of the environment around you. You can choose the design that have the character and brown, so have the impression that more cool and beautiful.

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