Awesome Hand Tufted Rugs

The hand tufted rugs are also referred to as the full cut or latex rugs which look like the hand knotted rugs but there is a lot of difference between these two types of rugs as far as their production is concerned. The tufted oriental rugs are made using tufting gun that is a manually operating tool. The tufted rugs do not need any special skill in production but on the other hand, the knotted rugs require skill of tying knots properly and neatly.

Quality hand tufted rugs that make use of good quality dyes, wool as well as glue can prove to be a nice option for contemporary decorations as they offer great variety of designs, styles and colors to choose from. These rugs require proper maintenance and cleaning at proper intervals. Vacuuming serves to be one of the common and widely used techniques to clean these rugs.

But while doing so, it is imperative to ensure that you don’t indulge in over vacuuming the carpets. It is wise to use medium power supply and don’t rub against the rug. This will help in safeguarding the fibers from early deterioration. Also, daily washing of these rugs is advisable so that they can remain fresh and clean.

The hand tufted carpets are made without tying of knots into foundation but instead, through pushing of acrylic or wool yarn with the help of a main backing thus creating the desired tuft. After that, latex glue is used in order to hold these tufts in proper place and then another foundation is applied which is followed by covering by the final cloth in order to safeguard your floor. The last level includes shearing tops of lopped tufts in order to make a pile. The pile’s height is known by the amount of cut off yarn and the extent to which the first loop was pushed.

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It is also important to note that these rugs need to be kept away from direct sunlight. But as you cannot do so all the time, it is better to use curtains while leaving home for extended time spans or when direct sunlight is coming on the rug. Moreover, it can be useful to rotate or change the direction of the rug at frequent intervals in order to
protect its color from fading. This fading can be faced due to over exposure to sunlight.

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