Stunning A House Barbie Home Designs Inspirations

Barbie is a doll’s most famous and best seller in the world that was introduced at the American International Toy Fair, March 9, 1959. Manufactured by Mattel, Barbie and accessories made with the size scale of less than one sixth of the actual size. Including the famous Barbie doll complete accessories, ranging from clothes, shoes, and bags are often sold separately.

Although not real, but almost all women and girls in the world are very fond of this doll. There are even people who follow the style of clothing and dressed barbie. Has it ever occurred to you as a fan of barbie make a barbie house with a theme?

3500 square foot home located in Malibu, California designed and decorated by an interior decorator Jonathan Adler. Barbie is just a puppet and live in the fantasy was always happy and fun and love all, because her face was always smiling. If Barbie had a house must be unimaginably glamorous, flirty, chic, colorful, happy and functional.

Elements of the whole house is adjusted with life Barbie. Designs include circling, corseted, lace-up “dress” chair, chandelier made of Barbie hair, cabinets full of thousands of pink shoes, sunburst mirror made of 65 Barbie dolls, some of the Barbie Loves Jonathan Adler’s home and garage decor collection which includes real Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle car. The house is also equipped with the museum houses dozens of Barbie dolls and art from the archives of Mattel, including the 1 rare (1959) Barbie dolls, some dolls from all decades and Barbie artworks such as paintings by Andy Warhol and Donald Baechlor.

Chandelier designed by “Project Runway” contestant Chris March that consists of more than 30 blond wig and takes more than 60 hours to make. Black and white wall with one of a kind mirror is made with 64 dolls main attraction. Are you interested in making a house next barbie? Hopefully, these pictures became an inspiration to you.

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