9 Extraordinary Ceramic Motifs with Unique Shapes to Beautify Your Bathroom

Ceramic Motifs with Unique Shapes is one of the ideas that you should try to make your bathroom look more lively and charming.

9 Extraordinary Ceramic Motifs With Unique Shapes To Beautify Your Bathroom
9 Extraordinary Ceramic Motifs With Unique Shapes To Beautify Your Bathroom

Maybe some of you often let the bathroom walls look plain, right?. This is what might make your bathroom look boring so you don’t feel comfortable in it for long. In fact, if the walls or floor are painted with colors, and given additional decoration, it can make it more lively and not look boring. However, some are sometimes given additional patterned ceramics to add to the atmosphere of the bathroom.

That’s why we are here to bring interesting ideas about Ceramic Motifs with Unique Shapes for you.

Fish Scale Pattern

The Fish Scale motif is one pattern that is not widely known. Even though this ceramic motif is quite popular because it can give a calm and cool impression to the room. This motif is often used in Victorian-style residences. The color choices for fish scale ceramic motifs are also very diverse, such as Tosca, gold, and pastel which can make the bathroom space look more artistic, eye-catching, and spacious, of course.

Fish Scale Pattern From Mercurymosaics
Fish Scale Pattern from Mercurymosaics

Geometric Motif

Geometric Pattern is one of the perfect motifs that you can apply to your bathroom because it will create an extraordinary look. Not only that, with a geometric pattern, the originally plain bathroom wall becomes more artistic and attractive.

Geometric Motif From Energir
Geometric Motif from Energir

Hexagon Motif

The hexagon shape inspires many things, one of which is design, interior, and home decoration. A hexagonal motif is considered as a hexagonal pattern that has modern architecture and makes for an eye-catching display. You can apply it to the floor or walls of a room such as a bathroom.

Hexagon Motif From Dimensiruang
Hexagon Motif from Dimensiruang

Marble Pattern

The marble motif is one of the popular motifs because it will make the bathroom look more classy. You can wall-to-floor or you can combine matching bathroom floor tiles with marble on the walls.

Marble Pattern From Eemcnow
Marble Pattern from Eemcnow

Moroccan Motifs

Moroccan motifs are one of the classic designs that are unique and beautiful. This motif can not only spoil the eye but can also be seen in a Mediterranean-style room or house.

Moroccan Motifs From Foxshakedowndish
Moroccan Motifs from Foxshakedowndish

Natural Motifs

Nature motifs are often used in bathrooms to depict Back to Nature. You can use natural stone motifs or wood motifs as well as room support accessories and all-natural furniture to complement the natural atmosphere in your bathroom.

To give the impression that it looks even more alive, you can add ornamental plants in pots that don’t require a lot of sunlight so that the bathroom always looks fresh.

Natural Motifs From Bathroomheaven
Natural Motifs from Bathroomheaven

Simple Brick Motif

Maybe this one motif looks ordinary, but to make it different, you can combine bathroom wall tiles with simple bricks or gray bricks and a well-arranged shower cubicle that keeps the atmosphere of the room bright.

Simple Brick Motif From Houzz
Simple Brick Motif from Houzz

Terrazzo Pattern

The terrazzo motif or better known as the terrazzo was a popular motif in the 1970s to 1980s. This motif usually uses a mixture of cement, marble, tiles, and sand fragments to make your bathroom floor shiny.

Terrazzo Pattern From Wallpaper
Terrazzo Pattern from Wallpaper

Zigzag or Chevron Pattern

You can try to apply Zigzag and Chevron motifs to your bathroom. But for maximum results use two contrasting color combinations.

Zigzag Or Chevron Pattern Isabelpiresdelima
Zigzag Or Chevron Pattern from Isabelpiresdelima

Well, that’s Ceramic Motifs with Unique Shapes that we can provide. Hope it inspires.

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