9 Effective Ways To Advertise Your Rental Property

When you have a rental property that you are struggling to rent, it can be frustrating and make the entire investment feel like a waste of time. If you find that your property is sitting vacant for too long, then it may be time to enhance your marketing efforts. Not only do these methods help attract new tenants and get your property off the market faster, but they also thrill current tenants who have chosen an apartment that is beautifully cared for.

9 Effective Ways To Advertise Your Rental Property

Out of all the various advertising methods, we have listed the most effective ways that guarantee you an audience.

1. Take Professional Photos

When advertising a vacant rental property, you need to make sure that the property shows well. Maintain the grounds and make sure that there are no built-up piles of stuff. Ensure that the lighting is good and in places where you can put it off with those little bulbs in photo albums. Perfect your settings, ensuring your background is not distracting with too many colors and textures or too much clutter.

With recent technology using your phone might fit the work, but it would help if you had someone who knows their way around a camera and lighting to help you with this.

2. A Detailed Listing

All the ways to advertise your rental property have similar things in common, that is, a detailed listing. A detailed listing will give people an idea of all you have to offer without having to call or email you with a list of questions. With this list, they can be sure they will know what they are getting into when they contact you.

A detailed listing will give you the edge over your competitors. If your listings don’t have essential information such as monthly lease, number of bedrooms, pet policies, and other pertinent information about the property, you will lose your prospects.

3. Internet Savvy Advertising

While many people use the internet to find the information they need, you need to ensure that you are using all of your most essential resources for advertising. Use social media sites and make sure that you have your listing on any site relevant to your business type.

Anything from Craigslist, Facebook, and Twitter can get you ahead. These are all channels that your potential renters will be using when looking for an apartment or condo for rent.

4. Make Your Signage Stand Out

One way to make sure that people know about your property is by using signage that gets noticed. When your potential renters are driving by, they should pick out your property and know that it is the one they are looking for. Make sure that you have a large sign with bright colors to make it stand out from everything else.

5. Hold an Open House

Another way to advertise your rental property is by holding an open house. Open houses help you get more people through the door, and it also shows them what kind of place you are advertising. They can also ask all questions that they might have.

6. Understand Your Target Market

Often, people advertise an apartment that they do not want or need. If you do advertise based on your target market, you are sure to get renters who will want to move into your property. If you take the time to learn their wants, needs, and pains, you will be able to cater their information into the advertising that will work best for your investment strategy.

7. Roll-Out Incentives

With all your hard work in getting the apartment ready for a successful rental, it is time to start getting it rented out. To ensure that you have a successful rental, you need to roll out incentives and get things going. If you are starting to rent, then offering incentives of free rent for a month, free utilities, free parking, or working with a professional cleaner will get people interested in the property that they would not have been otherwise interested in.

8. Market the Community

Many people are afraid to rent an apartment because they do not know if the area is safe and secure. When you think about it, you are renting a house or an apartment from someone that lives in the area, so you want to make sure that it is safe for tenants. If you advertise correctly, you can also market your community as lively, clean, and filled with parks and other places to enjoy.

9. Partner with a Property Manager

As an investor, you might have multiple properties that you need to advertise and maintain. Hiring a property manager can help with managing all your properties. Partnering with a good agency like Shield Property Management is beneficial. They will ensure that you get good tenants, collect the rent, and perform other tasks that come with the package. Your marketing strategy will be fresh to the renters leaving a positive first impression in their minds

By: Raymond James

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