8 Top Home Front Door Design That Will Make Your Home Awesome Exterior

The front door often becomes the focal point of the exterior of the house – the door is the first thing that guests see when they arrive, it is the last thing they think about after leaving, visited every day through mailing, and gives potential buyers something to remember the house by. An ordinary house can be a “house with a red door” with nothing more than a simple layer of paint, while magnificent architecture can rely on a unique door style to unite its exterior design.  Often it can become a house structure. But details like the color (see blue front door here), texture, planters and leaves, door handles and knockers, style, finishing touch, and size are all part of the effect.

The fact is that most people don’t think too much about the front door until they have to choose a new one for your home, whether it’s a renovation or a building from scratch. Then you are faced with all kinds of bad decisions.

Main Doors Of Wooden Panels With Industrial Accents

The main wooden door is one of the classic door models which until now is still often used today. If you want to bring the feel of wood without making it seem old school, you can try the main door design of wood panels with iron accents to make it more industrial and modern.

Wooden Industrial Front Door Ideas
Wooden Industrial Front Door ideas – Source: thefallguyediting.com
Wooden Industrial Front Door
Wooden Industrial Front Door – Source: madeinthebarn.com

Front Door Opaque Glass

The main door design with frosted glass is suitable for you who want to have the front of the house that looks more open. The use of the main door of this glass not only gives the impression of being friendly and open but also can be a natural lighting source so that the residence feels more comfortable.

Front Door Opaque Glass Ideas
Front Door Opaque Glass Ideas
Front Door Opaque Glass Design
Front Door Opaque Glass Design – Source: glass-door.us

Front Door Home Design with Turnstiles

If you want to give the impression of luxury to the guests who come, one of the tricks that you can apply is to make the main door wide. In addition to making doors that are wider than doors in general, you can also use swivel hinges to make the impression more unique so that the door can rotate.

Front Door Home Design
Front Door Home Design – Source: 954bartend.info
Front Door Home Design Ideas
Front Door Home Design Ideas – Source: homedezign.net

Natural Impression Mosaic Wood Door

Still talking about the main door made of the main material of wood, you can also expose the characteristics of wood from colors, textures, patterns, to shapes to provide a more attractive door design. The selection of wood doors like this is most appropriate if you want the rustic and natural feel of the house.

Natural Mosaic Wood Front Door Ideas
Natural Mosaic Wood Front Door Ideas – Source: salvabrani.com
Natural Mosaic Wood Front Door
Natural Mosaic Wood Front Door – Source: keywordsuggest.org

A unique front door transforms any home exterior. Get cool door ideas with this list of designs!

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