8 Best Tiny Home Exterior Design For Your Home Inspiration

The average person would be happier if he lived in a house that was large or large. But do not be underestimated, the trend of a small house that also has many fans. A tiny house is not only a concept of choice to live on a small land but also a more affordable alternative with functionality that is not inferior to other big houses. For those of you who are happy with the minimalist home interior design and like an atmosphere that is not excessive, some choices of this small house can be ideal homes that might be covered.

Formal life is the past. Living in a small house is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice taken by people throughout the country. Although many buildings can be less than 300 feet in size, with these ideas, stylish and innovative small houses are just sacrifices.

Danish Tiny House Design

This tiny house is called The Shelter and is suspected by a company called Vipp. The concept is quite simple, which is close to the outdoors and so functional. If the theme of this small house reminds you of glamping, then Cipp CEO Kasper Egelund does target the closeness to nature.

Danish Tiny Home Design
Danish Tiny Home Design – Source: karkasamajas.lv
Best Charming Tiny Home Ideas
Best Charming Tiny Home Ideas – Source: salitek.org

Brilliant Tiny House from Brisbane

Using recycled hardwood from Australia, this tiny house is located in Brisbane Australia. Greg Thorton, Lara Nobel and Andrew Carter who worked as architects and founders of this unique little house. The total area of this small house is only about 18 meters with a 33.5-meter high ceiling.

Tiny Home Ideas With Brisbani
Tiny Home Ideas With Brisbani – Source: roomstyler.com
Small Tiny Home With Brisdani
Small Tiny Home With Brisdani – Source: dreambiglivetinyco.com

Minimalist Japanese Tiny House

Muji is a master designer specifically for minimalist themes from Japan. From his reliable hand, many small houses have been born that can be occupied perfectly. Seen in the inspiration of a small house named The Hut of Wood, Muji managed to create a small house covering only 27 square meters freely.

Small Home Japanese Style
Small Home Japanese Style – Source: dwell.com
Tiny Home Japanese Style
Tiny Home Japanese Style – Source: newsknowhow.org

Tiny Solar Power Houses in South Africa

This small house is also equipped with a bath area in the back and a terrace on the front. Not to forget, this tiny house has also been equipped with paneled roofs for efficient solar or solar energy.

Solar Power Home Ideas
Solar Power Home Ideas – Source: inhabitat.com
Small Home Design Ideas
Small Home Design Ideas – Source: pins2pin.com

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