7 Smart Solutions to Create Your Own Storage That Will Make Every Child’s Room in Your Home Look Special

Storage is one of the important areas whose existence should not be underestimated. Especially for children who like to collect certain items, of course having their own storage area at home is something to be proud of. This is because maybe some of their parents do not have enough space to store their things.

Some of them usually prepare a special area or room to put high shelves to store boxes of goods or store and organize a collection of clothes, shoes, collection bags, ties, belts, jewelry, and others. So do not be surprised if the owner usually designs the room in such a beautiful way. This is because the design of a storage area is not only seen from its function, but we should pay attention to aesthetics so that it can be good and aesthetic.

There are many types of storage and many different designs to choose from. But again, some people may have problems with it, such as the right budget or also because of limited space at home. That doesn’t mean we can’t have it at home, especially when it comes to our children.

We will help you organize your children’s belongings even if you don’t have a large storage area or special room. Of course, this doesn’t cost much and is just a few simpler ways. Immediately, we see the following review.

Using Functional Furniture

Furniture is certainly one of the things that must be owned by children whether it’s a table, chairs, cupboards, and others so that all of them require sufficient space. Well, you can use furniture with dual functions that can be adjusted to the size of the walls, the height of the room, and the width of the floor of their room.

One example is a mattress under which you can use as a place to store things. You can put a storage basket under the bed, or you can use a bed frame with drawers under the bed to store towels to spare sheets that your children usually use.

Making Wall Mounted Storage

Some children definitely like reading books, for that you can turn the walls in some areas into bookshelves. This will certainly make it easier for your child to explore their hobbies well.

Using Hanging Racks

You can use hanging racks to hang clothes you use often or clothes after ironing to keep them from getting wrinkled. In addition to clothes, you can also use the rack to put your bag collection.

Make Additional Shelf Above The Hanging Rack

Hanging racks must have holes above and below them, right? You can be a storage place. The trick is to create an additional shelf above the hanging shelf to store clothes or other blankets.

Functional Drawer Cabinet Under Hanging Shelf

Then you can add a chest of drawers that you can place under a hanging shelf to store shoes, underwear, and other items you may need.

Setting the Table with the All-Included Concept

The concept of a combined shelf and table is very suitable as a practical and versatile storage place for your children. The table has been equipped with a large storage area that can be used to store various toys and their equipment.

Utilizing Stairs with the Split Level Concept

For the efficiency of the available space, you can create a split level or loft concept for your child’s bedroom. Well, you can use the shelf under the stairs for a place to store their goods.

Hope it inspires.

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