7 Brilliant Ways To Re-Use And Repurpose Old Home Décor

We live in an age where many people are materialistic and constantly craving new items despite not making full use of them. This problem has resulted in the increased disposal of items that eventually find their way into landfills, which negatively impact the environment. But as a responsible homeowner, you shouldn’t embrace this mentality. Instead, it’s best to think of ways to repurpose old home décors, such as your furniture and other household items.

7 Brilliant Ways To Re Use And Repurpose Old Home Décor
7 Brilliant Ways To Re Use And Repurpose Old Home Décor

By repurposing your old household items, you get to create unique home décor and save your hard-earned money. If you’re looking for ideas, look no further as here’s an overview of ways to re-use and repurpose old home décor.

1. Turn Old Containers Into Planters

If there are plenty of glass containers in your home, one way of disposing them properly is to hire a rubbish removal company. These companies, for example Same-day Rubbish Removal, take these old containers and dispose of them in the most environmental-friendly way. Hence, your home wouldn’t be filled with glass containers, which may only contribute to clutter.

Additionally, you can also convert these containers into planters for your artificial or real flowers. This trend appeals to many homeowners looking to spice up their home’s appearance by giving it a vintage look. Likewise, you can decide to convert these old containers into pendant lighting or table lamps.

2. Chest Into Office Storage

Working from home is quickly becoming the norm. This means you’ll have to bring over your files from work to your home, which can take up quite a lot of space. However, piles of paperwork won’t necessarily become a problem as you can repurpose a wooden chest to store them. You can repurpose this traditional piece of furniture by adding a filing cabinet and bulletin board. In addition, you should install an adjustable hanging file folder to create a filing system in this chest.

3. Design Nightstand From A Broken Desk

A nightstand comes in handy as it’s an ideal spot to place items, such as the alarm clock, table lamp, smartphone, medication, or any other item. But rather than going to the market and buying one, you can use an old, destroyed, or broken table. This is possible even when the table you intend to use is completely damaged.

When creating these nightstands, all you need to do is sand and paint them to give them a look that’s identical to your bedroom’s décor.

4. Throw Pillows

The use of throw pillows on your office chair, bed, or living room sofa gives your room a unique sense of style. But rather than buying a throw pillow, you should consider using old clothing, blankets, curtains, or tablecloths that are in your home. As you do this, it’s best to choose fabrics of different colors, patterns, and textures.

When designing these throw pillows, you’ll need to cut these fabrics to 18-inch or 16-inch squares. One square will go to the pillow’s back while the other goes to the front. After that, fill the squares with a polyester filling or down feathers. To finalize this process, connect the squares using a sewing machine and close in the filling.

5. Use Your Old Ladder To Place Potted Plants

Adding some green into your home by getting potted plants is an excellent idea to give your home some life. And, if you own a wobbly ladder, this item can serve as an affordable and space-efficient platform where you can place these potted plants.

Giving this ladder a new look isn’t hard. All you need to do is paint it with a cherry color. Once you’re done setting up the repurposed ladder, make sure to place it somewhere that someone won’t walk underneath.

6. Garden-Shed Crate Cabinets

Do you want additional space in your garden shed? If so, vintage wine crates can be transformed into the perfect custom cabinetry. All you need to do is to place these wine crates vertically and horizontally in your preferred pattern. But before positioning these wine crates, make sure to think of your preferred layout first. Consequently, connect these screws using collars close to the corners and wood screws.

7. Door Headboard

A headboard is a handy addition due to its practicality, such as preventing the pillows from falling from your bed. In addition, they boost your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal, which is why they’ve become widespread.

When searching for a headboard, you don’t necessarily need to go for the commercial option. This is because you can repurpose sold door frames and shutters as ideal substitutes. Also, creating a repurposed headboard shouldn’t take much of your time, as you only need to repaint the old door or shutter. Once you’re through, proceed to install these repurposed headboards.


It’s a common misconception that you need to buy new items to give your home a classic and elegant look. However, this isn’t always necessary, as there are creative ways you can repurpose your old home décor to give your home a unique character. If you have no clue on some creative ideas to consider, this guide has shed light on ideas that can help you repurpose your old household items.

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