7 Best Modern Minimalist Home Design Ideas That Inspired You

The minimalist design began in the 20th century in reaction to classic details that were too traditional. In short, it is designed to be stripped for essential purpose and identity by eliminating everything that is not necessary. This simple aesthetic shows the best simplicity.

Peeling the basics and throwing away excess things can do wonders for your sanity, not to mention looking super sophisticated and slim. From monochromatic minimalism to casual luxury, this simple approach to interior design is one of our favorites. But like the makeup trend without makeup, it’s not as simple as it seems. If you’ve long loved this look but aren’t sure about how to get started, our step-by-step approach to minimalist design will help you get started.

Minimalist Modern Home Design With Open Space

For those of you who are interested in adopting this modern minimalist home design, the use of furniture such as shelves and storage cabinets needs to be considered as a boundary marker between rooms. Like the inspiration above, the guest room is marked by the installation of carpets, while the use of matching colors makes the concept of the room look very harmonious.

Modern Minimalist Home Design With Open Space
Modern Minimalist Home Design With Open Space – Source: weblabfon.com

Minimalist Modern Colorful Home Design

Modern minimalist home design with white nuance may look monotonous and boring. To work around this, you can apply various color schemes to the interior such as the selection of contrasting furniture and decorations. As in the inspiration above, the selection of sofas, carpets, decorative pillows patterned, to colorful paintings makes the atmosphere of the room look more alive. In addition, you can also paint one wall with contrasting colors so that the room does not seem cold.

Modern Minimalist With Colorful Home Interior
Modern Minimalist With Colorful Home Interior – Source: feedinspiration.com

Wood Modern Minimalist Impression

Many people are not interested in adopting a minimalist modern home design because it seems cold and stiff. In fact, you can put wood elements into the room to bring a warm impression. As in the inspiration above, this minimalist room looks very comfortable to live in because it combines wood board material on the roof, floor, and some furniture.

Wooden Minimalist Interior
Wooden Minimalist Interior – Source: topdreamer.com

Minimalist Modern Home Design With Large Windows

Modern minimalist home design is also represented by a large number of large house windows. Not only does it look charming, but the room also gets natural lighting so it can save more electricity. The dominance of white wall paint increasingly makes the light in the room more maximal. Meanwhile, the combination of beige color accents from the furniture and window frames gives a warm impression to the room.

Minimalist Home Design With Large Windows
Minimalist Home Design With Large Windows – Source: northerncomfortwindows.com

Modern Minimalist Home Design in Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style also influences the trend of modern minimalist home design because it is considered to represent a practical and fast-paced lifestyle. Not infrequently, applying Scandinavian design principles is an option for modern minimalist home interior design.

Scandinavian Minimalist Home Design
Scandinavian Minimalist Home Design – Source: homify.com.my

Modern Home Design With Plants

Although the area of ​​occupancy tends to be small, it does not mean you cannot create a healthy residential environment. One of the ways you can do in modern minimalist home design is to place a vertical indoor garden that can provide a beautiful and fresh impression on the dwelling.

Minimalist Home Design With Plants
Minimalist Home Design With Plants – Source: patrushevo.com

Minimalist Industrial Home Design

The industrial concept is also very fitting combined with a modern minimalist home design because it can give an eccentric but not tacky impression. One way is to use exposed bricks on one wall of the room.

Minimalist Industrial Home Design
Minimalist Industrial Home Design – Source: yandex.com.tr

Now, if the inspirational minimalist interior is what you are looking for, here it is guaranteed to give you the best ideas available today …

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