35+ Incredible Outdoor Deck Remodel Ideas For Awesome Home

For one innovative Colorado deck and landscape company, outdoor living is art and they’ll show you how it’s done. From one-of-a-kind fire features to entertainment systems and kitchens that rival a 5-star restaurant, they’ll create stunning transformations that break the mold of backyard living. And with a crew of guys who are easy on the eyes, it’s not just the amazing before and after that has jaws dropping.

Whether you’re prepared to deck out your house or add an outstanding addition to your front porch, We have what it is you’re searching for. Tile and organic stone often become slippery when wet. Pavers are incredibly beautiful and enable for a range of design alternatives. Pavers also work nicely with different hardscapes to come up with a cohesive design.

Looking up at the enclosed deck from ground level, the mix of materials used in the home’s construction is evident. Log beams and stacked stone support the timber trusses while the custom metal railing provides the perfect accent.

Colorado Mega Deck
Colorado Mega Deck

Recessed lights in the cedar-plank ceiling illuminate the space for entertaining. Task lighting above the grill helps with food prep. But, when the party becomes more intimate, a pair of well-placed sconces and light from the crackling fireplace will provide a romantic setting.

Beyond the retractable glass doors sits an additional dining area and a cozy fire pit.

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