35+ Gorgeous Living Room Christmas Themes For Your Christmas Celebration

Give your living space the traditional Christmas treatment and opt for a classic red and green color scheme. A real tree is a must for a modern country home, festooned with deep crimson baubles and folk-inspired paper ornaments. Continue the theme onto the walls with a sage green matt paint and dress with a red berry wreath. Add a few mismatched cushions in winter florals, a cozy scarlet throw, and framed prints to finish the decor.

We’ve compiled a collection of beautiful living rooms featuring charming Christmas decorations. We believe that transforming the core of your home wherever that may be into a cozy and colorful interior allows that magic to take place.

Whether you have a fireplace with stockings, a decorated Christmas tree, a colorful lighting installation or a creative message on one of the walls, the living room is the focal point of many residences and should set the tone for the entire house.

Use warm honey-colored Christmas lights, ornamental candles, and firelight to create a deeply rich and cozy scheme. Even a pared-back traditional room will come to life with a festive ambiance when dressing in toffee colors and yellow gold. Black and white baubles add contrast and crispness to the look. Stick to your monochrome and metallic palette when wrapping your presents for the ultimate finishing touch.

When decorating your modern Christmas room, you do not have to face it again. Take a look at this Christmas themed living room from what could be an inspiration for your Christmas celebration this year.

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