Open Floor Design Ideas is a Plans for Modern Living

Floor space can be used to organize a lovely room to suit our tastes how we want to design the house. Floor space allows us to add some equipment in the house, otherwise if the floor with a narrow size, the furniture used in the house is also limited. Design floor this time is very interesting because you can put a lot of furniture according to your choice. Most people love the design of the traditional floor every room, such as using wood or natural material better.

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A few years ago, each room has its own function, for the design of the room on this occasion was made to unify each room, such as a kitchen that can be directly visible from the living room and dining room. But not to worry for the disruption of your leisure time, because this room is designed in such a way, so it is convenient for you occupy.

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Image source: Markel Design Group

Design floor into a separate measure for which have limited space in his house, to make your room appear wider, you have to bring together the various designs which exist in the vicinity, for example using a glass with a large size so that the home also seem spacious.

With rooms that blend with the room other, you can interact directly with the children while cooking, or you can watch TV while cooking and many more things you can do if the room into one, so that your home look spacious without barrier Among the room with each other. Here are some of the design of the floor in your house, so that the room can be seen widely.

Open Floor Design Ideas

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Image source: Dyer Grimes Architecture
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Image source: Parkwood Homes
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Image source: Keesee Homeplans
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