2022 Bathroom Trends – A Fresh New Look

With the constantly changing market, it can be challenging to gain a sense which bathroom renovation trends will make a splash in 2022. The pandemic has changed how people design their homes. As they found themselves spending a lot more time in their houses due to the virus, they want to connect to nature and feel more relaxed than ever, and this also had an impact on their bathroom design choices. To boot, cleanliness continues to be top of mind, so easy-to-clean features will be all the rage as well. Below are some reliable bathroom renovation ideas that draftsmen usually suggest to their clients that can help transform their bathrooms into meccas of relaxation.

Green Shades Bathroom

Green is an excellent choice for bathrooms because its calming effect makes it a popular choice for bathroom renovations. Bathrooms are places for people to rejuvenate, and shades of green can help provide that relaxing effect. After a busy and tiring day at work, soaking in a tub can be more relaxing when surrounded by calming shades of green.

Green Shades Bathroom
Image credit: Crosswater

Green is also the colour of nature, and entering a bathroom resplendent with green shades can immediately make you feel closer to nature. Shades of green is the top Bohemian recommended color that can help in achieving that oasis-like aura that people want in their bathrooms.

One advantage of using green when renovating bathrooms is the many shades that you can use. Bright shades of green like lime, chartreuse, and yellow-green can make small bathrooms look more spacious and airier. On the other hand, bluish-green, mint, pistachio, and seafoam are easy on the eyes and can be ideal choices for a more relaxing effect. Darker shades of green like basil, emerald, forest and hunter are excellent options for those who want to add a touch of green in contrast with lighter colours like beige, cream and white.

Green And Cream White Bathroom
Image credit: decoist.com

Indoor-outdoor Bathroom Design

One of the things that most homeowners miss during this pandemic is spending time outdoors. Most people have to spend most of their time indoors because of restrictions in movement, and giving bathrooms an outdoorsy feel can help ease feelings of confinement.

Helping bring the outdoors to one’s bathroom is achievable by using some elements found in nature. Plants like orchids, aloe vera, peace lily, snake plants, and air plants do well in the humid environment of bathrooms. Aside from their decorative properties, indoor plants can help improve air quality in bathrooms.

Indoor Plant Bathroom
Image credit: Caitlin Mills Photography

Lining bathroom floors with pebbles and smooth rocks can also give bathrooms an outdoorsy feel while helping prevent accidental slips commonly caused by wet floors.

Installing hanging shelves made from hardwood or driftwood can also contribute to that outdoors look while providing users with more storage space. This is an excellent idea for small bathrooms since it can help maximize space without being obstructive.

Oudoor Bathroom
Image credit: i.redd.it

Marble or Stone Interiors

Marble has made a comeback in bathroom interiors and is a top choice for building designers in doing a bathroom makeover. Marble floors and walls produce seamless and flowing lines that make bathrooms look more spacious than it actually is. In addition, marble is elegant enough that there is no need for additional designs to make a bathroom stand out.

Excellent alternatives to marble include soapstone, granite and quartz. Natural stone walls are also easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for those who want bathrooms that won’t need constant cleaning.

Marble Or Stone Interiors
Image credit: Pepe Leal

Colourful Accents

Bathrooms are often monotone in color, and using splashes of colours can transform them into bright and lively spaces. What’s great about this idea is it is economical, and you can achieve the effect without completely remodelling a bathroom. If you want to add colour to a drab bathroom, you can replace the sink with a pastel-coloured one. You can also do away with the drop-in sink and replace it with a colourful vessel vanity, which can be the bathroom’s focal point. You can even install vanity mirrors with colourful frames to provide contrast against light-coloured bathroom walls and floors.

Colourful Accents Bathroom
Image credit: Pieter Estersohn

Big and Bold Tiles

Replacing bathroom tiles can instantly transform a bathroom’s looks, and using big and colourful tiles is an excellent idea if you want to make a bathroom bright and eye-catching. Instead of the usual soft-coloured square tiles, you can use big colourful tiles during renovations. Large tiles are easier to clean and require less maintenance. You can also go for different tiles like octagons, chevrons, fish scales or basketweave tiles to give the bathroom a unique look.

Big And Bold Tiles Bathroom
Image credit: westsidetile.com

Inexpensive bathroom renovations are excellent options for those who want to transform their dreamspace into something new and exciting. With the help of the tips and trends above, you can help your clients have the bathrooms they’ve always dreamed of.

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