Minimalist Living Room Sofa Style Ideas For Small Space

Minimalism does not have to mean choosing furniture and accessories that are simple, boring or inexpensive. Simply means ‘more or less’, minimalism can help focus your room on the atmosphere or theme you want. Color it beautifully, with a row of pink sofas placed on the white floor. Make it dramatic, with striking beige and white lines dividing your room in half. Find substance in simplicity, with Minimalist Living Room Sofa Style Ideas For Small Space.

Minimalism requires careful curation and space that is free of clutter, both of which transcend visual limits and actually produce a calmer, more comfortable environment to live in and maintain. It’s very interesting for the living room because that’s where you, you know, live. So we collected twenty-three minimalist living room ideas to help you bring your style to life at home. Read on for lots of examples of designers and decorating ideas for minimalist living rooms, both large and small – and tips on how to make it work in your own space.

Gorgeously Minimalist Living Rooms Ideas
Gorgeously Minimalist Living Rooms Ideas

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Sofa Design with Coffee Table

Relatively multifunctional, this minimalist living room sofa design is equipped with a coffee table or coffee table that also functions as a side table. Besides being permanent, the presence of this small table makes the living room feel more relieved because there is no need to add a coffee table again.

L-Sofa Minimalist Living Room

If your residence really does not have a special room for guests, try using a minimalist living room sofa in the form of the L sofa model like the inspiration above. Instead of leaving a corner of the room empty, a corner sofa like this will add a seat while utilizing limited space more optimally.

Sofa with Storage Space Below

One way to save space is to use multifunctional furniture. For example with a minimalist living room sofa that serves as a storage room too. The part of the sofa holder can be lifted to store a sofa cushion cover or magazine. The model is simple and guaranteed guests will not realize that there is storage space under this minimalist living room sofa.

Sofa Design With Straight Legs

Minimalist living room sofa models typical with small feet are also worth considering. The model is very simple, without many accents. This minimalist living room sofa model with a stand separated from the frame is also easy to clean. Foam back and the holder can be removed making it easier for you when you want to dry or wash it. Sofas or soft chairs are a must for the living room, you can add a chair or chair but all of them are of short design.

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