12 Best Unique Bedroom Colors Design Ideas You Need To Know

Generally, people will use neutral colors for their bedrooms. Call it white, brown or cream. The color of this bedroom is favored by many people because it is suitable to be combined with any colored furniture and is soft so that sleep time will be more qualified.

What about other colors that people rarely choose? Strong colors like red and blue are actually also unique if used as the color of the bedroom. For those of you who want to have a unique bedroom, here is the inspiration for the bedroom colors that are very stunning!

Black for Bedroom Colors

Black as the color of the bedroom is rarely chosen by many people because it makes the room feel dark and gloomy. In fact, black can look unique and luxurious with the help of several decorations. For example, adding a lamp with a white cover. Can also combine black wall paint with all-gray furniture.

Black Bedroom Decoration Ideas
Black Bedroom Decoration Ideas – Source: annspaperie.com
Black Bedroom Ideas
Black Bedroom Ideas – Source: annspaperie.com

Purple for Bedroom Colors

The color of the purple bedroom can be said to be right for you who often feel anxious while sleeping. Because this purple color has psychological properties that can create a sense of security. For those of you who want a soft and slightly feminine feel, you can try applying the bedroom color inspiration as shown.

Purple Bedroom Color
Purple Bedroom Color – Source: venidair.com
Puple Bedroom Design
Puple Bedroom Design – Source: webkolu.com

Blue for Bedroom Colors

Furthermore, there are bedroom colors that are soft and dynamic, namely blue. Dark blue or young is equally beautiful when applied to a room. In order not to be too monotonous, you can decorate the blue wall with wallpaper images of white tree walls.

Blue Bedroom Ideas
Blue Bedroom Ideas – Source: partyboothapp.com
Blue Bedroom Idea
Blue Bedroom Ideas – Source: betterhomestitle.com

Yellow For Bedroom Colors

Yellow can look soft and charming too. For example, pastel yellow and mustard yellow. The color of this unique bedroom can also make you feel excited when you wake up and start activities.

Yellow Bedroom Ides
Yellow Bedroom Ides – Source: julialitvinova.com
Yellow Bedroom Color Ideas
Yellow Bedroom Color Ideas – Source: temeculavalleyslowfood.org

Dark Green For Bedroom Colors

Using dark green for the bedroom color, why not? Your bedroom will not look like it is filled with moss and dull, but graceful. The color of this dark green bedroom is most fitting when combined with beige or ivory white furniture.

Dark Green Bedroom Ideas
Dark Green Bedroom Ideas – Source: picsoc.com
Dark Green Bedroom Decoration
Dark Green Bedroom Decoration – Source: akhbar-jo.com

Red For Bedroom Colors

Red is brave, so the color of the red bedroom is perfect for you who have the courage and a firm personality. But, you need to be careful when using this color because it can make you excited and have difficulty sleeping soundly.

Red Bedroom Decoration
Red Bedroom Decoration – Source: 7bedroomideas.com
Red Bedroom Remodel Ideas
Red Bedroom Remodel Ideas – Source: greenvirals.com

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  1. The article states 12 Bedroom Colors
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