12 Best And Wonderful Minimalist Bedroom Design With Less is More Concept

The popularity of minimalist home designs has no doubt, especially with the monochrome color palette that the demand is getting more and more days. Similarly, the design of a minimalist bedroom. The bedroom, which is a place to rest, must be warm and not painful. With a minimal and simple interior, room owners can rest with a calm and clean mind.

Although decorating rooms with polka dot walls and colorful carpets and bed linens to suit your personality is also interesting to apply, the minimalist bedroom design will always look perfect and the aesthetic value given will not fade with time.

Minimalist Beds Cabin Design

Minimalist beds as in the example are equipped with a simple frame that is equipped with geometric wooden boards. In order to look harmonious with the interior of the room, you can also combine it with furniture such as a table that uses wood material.

Minimalist Bed Cabin Design
Minimalist Bed Cabin Design – Source: serieslatinohd.club
Minimalist Bed Cabin Design Ideas
Minimalist Bed Cabin Design Ideas – Source: adcitymag.livejournal.com.jpg


Minimalist Beds with Canopies

Generally, a canopy bed is equipped with a hood on the top and supported by four pillars made of wood full of ornaments on the entire part of the divan. However, you can avoid the excessive impression by using plain wooden poles.

Minimalist Beds Design With Canopy
Minimalist Beds Design With Canopy – Source: treasuresfromtheattic.co
Minimalist Beds With Canopy
Minimalist Beds With Canopy – Source: pinterest.ru


Beds with Storage Boxes

To maximize the function, you can also choose a minimalist couch equipped with a storage box. As in the picture, the divan can be used as a box to store various personal items such as room slippers, books or various skin care products.

Minimalist Beds With Box Storage
Minimalist Beds With Box Storage – Source: bloglikes.com
Minimalist Beds Ideas With Box Storage
Minimalist Beds Ideas With Box Storage – Source: northstarvideopro.com


Japanese Minimalist Beds

If your room wants to have a different look, you can use a minimalist Japanese-style couch as shown. This minimalist divan model appears very simple but still classy, also suitable for use in small-sized rooms and combined with single sized mattresses.

Japanese Minimalist Beds
Japanese Minimalist Beds – Source: galleryhip.com
Japanese Minimalist Beds Ideas
Japanese Minimalist Beds Ideas – Source: kaptr.co


Minimalist Beds with Frames

Similar to a minimalist model stage bed, this one couch is produced using wood material. The difference, this minimalist couch is equipped with a board that frames the sides on four parts of the mattress so that it gives a stronger and warmer impression.

Minimalist Beds With Frames Ideas
Minimalist Beds With Frames Ideas – Source: lunademielencostarica.com
Minimalist Beds With Frames
Minimalist Beds With Frames – Source: elerlich.com


Minimalist Bed Drawer Level

The other model is a minimalist bed with level drawers. This model consists of two bunk beds at the top and bottom, where the bottom mattress is smaller in size so that it can be pushed into the underside resembling a cabinet drawer.

Minimalist Beds With Drawer Level
Minimalist Beds With Drawer Level – Source: elerlich.com
Minimalist Beds With Drawer
Minimalist Beds With Drawer – Source: bluegartr.com

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