10 Cool And Easy DIY Wine Rack Design You Can Start Make It Today

There are so many easy ways to make your DIY wine rack. Having a wine rack will certainly be a great addition to your home decor. You can place these shelves anywhere because it will not interfere with the beauty of the room in your home. Especially if you make it yourself. Because making your own wine rack allows you to adjust its size to your space.

However, the type and model of the shelf is of course adapted to its purpose. If you plan to store wine for an extended period of time, you will want to choose a cool or humidity controlled location. However, if you are making wine storage for display because it will be consumed, then making a DIY rack is certainly the most suitable option.

Well, that’s why we want to share some ideas and designs about making a wine rack that you can do yourself at home. What are you waiting for, immediately make your own DIY wine storage.

To make it, of course, you need some materials and equipment. But you don’t need to worry about this, because we believe almost 75% of all of them are available in your home, or easy for you to find and the price is also not expensive.

Tools needed to make a DIY wine rack

1. Chainsaw.
2. Measuring tools.
3. Hammer.

Materials needed

Because we prioritize making racks from pallets to make work easier, the following materials are needed:
1. Wooden pallets.
2. Nails.
3. Sandpaper.
3. Paint or varnish.

Steps to make a DIY Wine Rack

1. The size of the space where you will place the shelf.
2. Determine the shelf design you want.
3. Prepare pallet wood, measure and cut according to your plan.
4. Smooth the wood using sandpaper.
5. Glue the wood with nails.
6. Paint or polish the finished shelf.

So these are the steps to make it. Below are some wine rack designs that you can use as examples.

Cute Wall Wine Rack
Cute Wall Wine Rack from Nice Room Shop
Diy Floating Wine Bottle Holder
Diy Floating Wine Bottle Holder from The Daily Shoe-Official
DIY Wood Wine Storage
DIY Wood Wine Storage from Rak Dekorasi Rumah
Homemade Wine Rack Plans
Homemade Wine Rack Plans from borus24
recycled pallet wine rack
recycled pallet wine rack from Home Interior Furniture
Simple DIY Wine Rack
Simple DIY Wine Rack from Copper Dot Interiors
Wall Mount Wine Bottle Rack
Wall Mount Wine Bottle Rack from Birch Hilldam
Wine Glass Rack
Wine Glass Rack from Me Homez
Wine Rack Made from Pallet
Wine Rack Made from Pallet from Recycled Craftsy
Wood Wine Rack Design
Wood Wine Rack Design from Amazonaws

In this article, we’ve put together some cool and easy DIY wine rack pictures for you to make yourself. In addition, you also don’t need a lot of funds, because all the ingredients are already in your home. With this shelf you will find it easier to take and organize your wine bottles.

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