10 Best Simple Dining Room Inspiration that Deserve Your Home

The design of the dining room is often one thing that is underestimated. Though unwittingly the dining room often becomes a place where family time is spent. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a simple, comfortable dining room design.

The design of the dining room must be as comfortable and beautiful as possible so that the residents can enjoy the food well, even if it’s small in size. Now for those of you who have small dwellings, of course, you have to think extra and creatively so that the furniture used doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Simple Scandinavian Style Dining Room

Contemporary and simple, who doesn’t like the Scandinavian concept? This concept could be an alternative to be applied to your simple dining room. With a simple color palette and Scandinavian furnishings that are minimal in detail, this concept is suitable for making simple dining rooms still feel contemporary.

Scandinavian Dining Room Design
Scandinavian Dining Room Design – Source: betterhomestitle.com
Scandinavian Dining Room Ideas
Scandinavian Dining Room Ideas – Source: theinspiredidea.com

Design of Round Dining Room Furniture

The use of items of furniture such as stool tables and chairs is the best choice. The round shape makes it quite space saving. You can put it in the corner of the dining room. Avoid using a chair with a backrest because it will make the design of the space look full.

Simple Round Dining Room Design
Simple Round Dining Room Design – Source: marceladick.com
Simple Round Dining Room
Simple Round Dining Room – Source: nativeasthma.org

Dining Room Using a Long Chair

The next room design inspiration has a rustic feel. Use tables and chairs made of wood without additional paint. The long chair that is identical to the canteen, is also suitable to complement the design of the dining room in your home.

Dining Room Long Chair Ideas
Dining Room Long Chair Ideas – Source: welovedandelion.com
Dining Room Long Chair
Dining Room Long Chair – Source: grephys.com

Modern Simple Dining Room

Limited space is not a barrier to make a simple dining room feel relieved and comfortable. Coupled with presenting a minimalist modern concept, you can present a simple, attractive and comfortable dining room design in a residential area with limited space.

Modern Simple Dining Room Design
Modern Simple Dining Room Design – Source: freezingprocess.net
Modern Simple Dining Room
Modern Simple Dining Room – Source: homperfect.com

Tiny Dining Room Design

If there are many family members but the size of the room is small, try applying the space design as shown above. Leave one area in the corner as the dining room. Use a box table and make a permanent seat around it.

Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas
Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas – Source: waimeabrewing.com
Tiny Dining Room Design
Tiny Dining Room Design – Source: nimvo.com

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