Wonderful High Heel Planters To Enhance Your Home Beautiful

Looking for a creative way to beautify your indoor or outdoor space? Check out these DIY high heel planters. You can make them with heels from whatever shoes you have in your closet and a few pots, making them the perfect budget-friendly idea that's also eco-friendly. The only thing that is always missing from a … Continue reading Wonderful High Heel Planters To Enhance Your Home Beautiful

J Schatz Planter Collection

Make your home more alive with new planters are super cool. Look below. These new planters are created to refresh any modern room with cool colors and shapes. J Schatz Planter Collection is available in 6 colors and 2 styles. The planters modern lines and rounded shapes, the collection consists of two types of planters … Continue reading J Schatz Planter Collection

Horn LED Lights

From day to day, more and more innovations that arise from people who are creative. One of them is multifunctional products below. Very attracted much attention and popularity. Above is a picture NudeLamp by GreenLantern. Is a horn-shaped LED lights. These lights can make any room look alive and you can use it as a … Continue reading Horn LED Lights

Cool Combination: Planters and Pet Houses

A work that is extraordinary. And we should be proud to designers who have created it. Able to plant crops as well as shelter pets such as cats and birds. As a lover of plants and animals, of course you will be pleased with this emergence. Modern planters can be really creative. Because it doubles … Continue reading Cool Combination: Planters and Pet Houses