Scott Sofa – Blue – Modern Couch Made in the USA – Sold by Apt2B


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Be honest – when was the last time you met a guy named Scott who wasn’t one of the coolest dudes around? Kyle Schuneman knows the power of Scott, which is why he bestowed the name on his Scott Sofa collection. Scott is designed like modern art that is meant to be used rather than locked away in an exhibit. The thin arms, conical legs and straightforward design give you a canvas to customize the Scott Sofa and make it even more swell. Select your favorite fabric color and leg finish, add a couple throw pillows and you’ll have a sofa partner for life. Made in the U.S. and delivered to your home, this modern sofa will be the one for girls and guys alike. Part of the Kyle Schuneman collection, the Scott is unapologetic modern design. Thin arms and a straight silhouette keep it looking like modern art (without the museum) and leaves the customizing with fabrics up to you to really make it your own.




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