Melrose Loveseat – Grey – Small Space Modern Couch Made in the USA – Sold by Apt2B


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Just because a couch is labeled as space-saving doesn’t mean it has to look flimsy or delicate. The Melrose Loveseat, with its big, bold looks yet small floor space footprint, is proof of that. If you’re looking to save space while still getting sophisticated style, the Melrose sofa is the perfect fit for you. It features a low-rise design coupled with large wooden block legs and wide track arms. That gives it a hefty, solid appearance that instantly makes it a focal point in your room. At the same time, you’ll get a cozy couch with plenty of space for snuggling up without taking up the whole room. Apt2B also includes a lifetime warranty with your purchase. As the name implies, the Melrose Loveseat is ideal for apartment living. However, it’s also a great choice if you want a loveseat sofa to pair with your larger couch, or a smaller sofa that fits well in a den, a home office, a bedroom or a playroom. You can even bump it up from 68 to 80 inches wide for a little extra lounging space. Either way, this couch is made in the USA and can be customized with the fabric color and leg finish of your choice.




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