Jackson Heights Sofa – Grey – Modern Couch Made in the USA – Sold by Apt2B


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I’m sorry Miss Jackson – ooooo! I am for real! Is that song supposed to be romantic? We’re still not sure, but we do know that the Jackson Heights Sofa will get your living room in the right mood. Designed by our resident Cupid Kyle Schuneman, this 76-inch sofa is perfect for smaller homes and will be the star of any space. Boxy is for the friend zone, and the Jackson Heights Sofa brings the charm with a rolled back and swooping curved arms. Detailed tufting rounds out the design, and we have a multitude of fabric choices from soothing Cobalt Velvet to bright straw. With a lifetime guarantee, you know you’re getting the best quality at a price you can afford. The Jackson Heights brings some much needed romance into any space. The rolled back with detailed tufting and swoop arms gives really interesting lines to a boxy room and can be that star every home needs.




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