Avalon Sofa – Dark Grey – Modern Couch Made in the USA – Sold by Apt2B


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The Avalon Sofa is so fantastical, we couldn’t possibly have thought of a better name. It’s small enough to fit easily in your loft or apartment and stylish enough to outshine any other furniture and comfortable enough that you’ll never want to get up. Add in the side cushion arms, breathable fabric and solid wood base, and it all sounds too good to be real. But the U.S.-made Avalon is real – and it’s spectacular! Get your 79-inch Avalon Sofa in green apple, pink lemonade, cream or one of 24 other fabric colors for industry-leading customization. Apt2B is committed to making your furniture fantasies into reality, and with our satisfaction guarantee and industry-leading customer service, you can live large no matter what size space you call home. Size doesn’t always matter. The Avalon is great for smaller lofts or apartments. What it gives up in size it makes up for in style, with it’s sleek arms and solid wrap around wood base this sofa is sure to impress and fit through any doorway!




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