Tetriminos – Interactive Furniture

Here is a really cool furniture. Originally designed by Russia-based Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris game has fascinated many people over the years since its formation in 1984. You remember Tetris? By manipulating a random sequence of puzzle pieces called Tetriminos, each… Continue Reading

Romantic House Design

Create a romantic atmosphere with the color white is a very precise idea. Like the house below, which looks very romantic. Romantic beautiful white house is located in Norway. The house was decorated for young families with children; traditional white… Continue Reading

Matryoshkarim – Eco Friendly Modern Furniture

You certainly remember the matryoshka? Matryoshka is set of traditional Russian wooden dolls which are put in one another. Well, the furniture below, inspired by it. This is Matryoshkarim. The Matryoshkarim is a set of furniture that was fantastic by… Continue Reading