How to Store Knife Neatly

As one of the kitchen appliances are very important, of course you should be able to store them properly. The knife is pentin equipment, but also dangerous if used by children. To avoid the occurrence of undesirable things, it should be given a special storage area for the knife.

Keep knife secure in kitchen
Knife storage with wood

If your kitchen has a filing cabinet, the space should be reserved exclusively for the storage of the knife, or if possible, you can put the knife in an area that is safe and away from children. You can make a special rack that you can put on a kitchen set or a safe place of course.

Kitchen with special knife storage
Modern knife storage
Good place to store knife
Modern knife storage

This is because in these many types of kitchen knife with a function that is different, such as a knife for cutting meat, a knife for slicing fruits, and also knife for other purposes. Each blade also has a size that is different.

Kitchen interior with knife store
Artistic knife storage