Stylish Seat And Bed In One

Maybe you are looking for a chair and bed in one, can be modified and cool. Look at the picture below, maybe this is what you are looking for. Chairs and sleeping quarters all this is an idea for those who want to save space.

Comfortable Organic Bed

This is a very comfortable bed. The bed was designed by Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo and produced by Tonin CASA. This is an aesthetic bed, ideal for contemporary homes. This comfortable bed covered with a broad base of eco-fabric or leather in different finishes. The head of the bed wrapping contribute sculpture shape is very …

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Contemporary and Unique Bed

The beds are comfortable, beautiful and unique will certainly make us sleep more soundly. As the picture of bed below. This is a bed with a contemporary bending bed by Europeo, the design of Abbracio. Which in Italian means hugs.

Modern Hammock Beds For Cats

Cats are very cute pets. They also need to eat, drink, places to play, even a comfortable bed. Well, try to see the picture below. This is the hammock beds for cats. This is the work of Brat Cat started making the bed hammock on the wall for your house pets.

Extraordinary Bed

Here is a bed design that is extraordinary. The bed is a vitamin design and successful as the Winner of the 2011 Interior Innovation Award. The bed is not just a regular bed. Because of how the head of the bed sits, in relation to the framework of the bed area of ​​the ledge / …

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