Design TV above the Fireplace

Due to the space available, usually a design is made in such a way in order to function optimally. But how best to utilize the existing space to fit the desires? One of the important design to be optimized is to choose a place to put the TV above the fireplace.

best design tv above fireplace

In utilizing the very limited space conditions, then choose the design of the fireplace is wide enough, especially if you happen to be mounted above the TV size is also quite large. Meanwhile, to avoid the effects of direct heat from the fireplace, it is recommended that the distance between the TV fireplace premises is 1 m or more.

design for tv place


tv above fireplace

Some designs place this kind of TV, the bottom should be made really strong so that the heat generated by the fireplace is not on the bottom of the TV which could possibly cause damage.

tv location with fireplace

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