Choosing a gate for Home and Outdoor combination

Very spacious home conditions would require special attention, especially in terms of safety and also beauty. To complete this purpose, may make a main gate is the best and right choice. There are various forms for the main gate to choose from, as shown in the figure below.

Home design with main gate
Modern gate design

Gate size usually also be adjusted to the shape and area of ​​the existing. However, the average size of a gate ranges from 3 meters or greater. This condition allows us to be able to determine the type and shape of the best gate, which later can give a pretty good look at the home and outdoor.

Gate design for modern home
Natural design for gate
Home design with main gate
Artistic gate for modern home

What material for the gate? There are several types of materials that can be used, such as wood, metal, or bamboo. Depending also on the concept of the house. If the house is using a fairly modern design , you can choose the form of the main gate made ​​of wood or iron.

Home garden with gate
Main gate for garden